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Welcome to Uncle Oly's Gun Shop
Olys Gun Shop provides online handguns, rifles, ammunition and firearms accessories for sale as well as FFL services.

We sell rifles, pistols, scopes, ammunition and accessories and can receive your firearm in WA state.
Our Mission:
To provide a wide array of quality legal firearms and accessories to qualified customers at a Fair Price.

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Uncle Oly's Gun Shop
is Washington State's Dealer for the

Finally a Firearm Safety
Device for the Real World

This important product will immediately start saving lives by ending most types of accidental shootings.

The Safety Bullet is a bullet that is placed inthe firing chamber of your gun. If you need access to live rounds simply eject the Safety Bullet. If anyone tries to use your gun with the Safety Bullet still installed, when the hammer falls on the Safety Bullet it will instantly totally disable your firearm. It is the first Patented Safety Device that does not need a key or combination lock and gives you INSTANT access to live rounds.



  • Safety Bullet allows the owner use of their firearm faster than any other safety device on the market.
  • Safety Bullet protects the gun owner from criminal charges because its use complies with Child Access Prevention (CAP) laws.
  • Accidental shooting protection for less than $25.

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